Nino Bulling & Bär Kittelmann: firebugs

Nino Bulling & Bär Kittelmann

reading/lecture, Sound Art

(De) Nino Bulling, Bär Kittelmann Grafik: Stefanie Rau, operative space

Sonic Reading

with Nino Bulling & Bär Kittelmann
25.4.2024 // 19:00

In the form of text, images and sounds, Nino Bulling and Bär Kittelmann present the graphic novel firebugs (Nino Bulling, Edition Moderne / Colorama, 2022), a trans love story that combines the intimate experience of the body and sexuality with the ecological challenges of our time.


Ingken and Lily are a couple. While Lily seems balanced, Ingken is restless: against the backdrop of global climate change and the drought in Brandenburg, Ingken is searching for a self-­determined identity, a new name, for the things that can remain as they were and those that have to disappear. This raises big questions, such as what defines us as human beings, how our malleable bodies relate to our dealings with ‘nature’ and what constants there are when bodies and identities are fluid, contradictory and traversed by affects.


The graphic novel was published on the occasion of documenta fifteen in German and English by Edition Moderne and Colorama (2022).



Artist and author Nino Bulling works in and out of reality-based formats with an interest in the documentary qualities of comics. In 2022, they contributed to documenta fifteen with an exhibition, collaborative projects and the graphic novel firebugs (Edition Moderne / Colorama).


The interdisciplinary artist Bär Kittelmann lives in Berlin and currently focuses on sound, graphic design and illustration. Kittelmann’s practice is characterized by a fun-first hierarchy and a lack of interest in rules and restrictions.


The event taks place in the frame of the exhibition Wandlung & Scherben by Jay Ritchie.

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