Magda Korsinsky: AUFBEGEHREN

Magda Korsinsky; with curatorial support by Katharina Koch & Sylvia Sadzinski; Events with Shivā Amiri, Mariama Diagne, Mariama Sow


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20.11.2021-14.01.2022 //
Wed-Sat 16:00-19:00

Due to illness the gallery will remain closed on January 14, 2022!


19.11.2021 // 18:00 (2G + mask)

Workshop with Shivā Amiri

Was bedeutet es intersektionell zu denken? (in German)
23.11.2021 // 18:30-21:00 (online via zoom)
Registration: (for FLINTA* only)

Artist Talk with Magda Korsinsky & Mariama Diagne

27.11.2021 // 16:30 (2G + mask)

Movie Screening & Talk with Mariama Sow + Guests

2.12.2021 // 19:00 (2G + mask)



Images Opening


Photos: Katharina Koch


Images Exhibition


Photos: Carolin Seeliger


Screen printing – text – wall collage

In her solo exhibition AUFBEGEHREN, Magda Korsinsky explores how patriarchal and sexist with racist, ableist, lookist and classist structures impact the sexuality of individuals affected by the aforementioned structures. Combining silkscreen and text works, the artist explores questions about the meaning of the body and clothing in relation to sexuality and the rebellion and revolt against normative concepts and attributions. The starting point is the artist’s extensive research. In her interviews with those affected by multiple forms of discrimination, experiences with power structures and dynamics as well as strategies of resistance and empowerment come to the fore. Interview excerpts manifest in a text collage and screen prints of the interviewed persons’ clothes materialise what has been said. The combination of texts and prints creates a wall collage that, as a plural and intersectional overall narrative, bears witness to structural inequalities and social stigmatisation as well as to self-empowerment and personal processes of emancipation.

Many thanks to the interview partners Stéphanie Chevallier, Teresa Fagbohoun, Michelle Iyekepolor, Rebecca Kenny, Isabel Kwarteng-Acheampong, Thủy-Tiên Nguyễn, Sadie Lune, Sanata Narco, Miriam Salih, Saadya Windauer, NN as well to Ballhaus Naunynstraße.
Printed in the printing workshop at kulturwerk of bbk berlin.

Magda Korsinsky is a visual artist and choreographer, art and dance teacher. Her works have been presented in numerous exhibitions including Haus am Lützowplatz, Kunsthaus Dresden, Haus der Geschichte Vienna; her choreographic works have been performed at Sophiensaele, Maxim Gorki Theater in ada Studio, and Ballhaus Naunynstrasse among others. Using various artistic media, she explores themes of identity, self-empowerment, as well as interpersonal relationships and the political in private.


Was bedeutet es intersektionell zu denken?
Workshop with  Shivā Amiri

23.11.21 // 18:30-21:00 (online via zoom)
in German
Registration (for FLINTA* only) until 20.11.21:
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Intersectionality as a concept now seems to have arrived in the German cultural and arts sector, but the structures remain unchanged. However, the term is often depoliticized and the struggles of Black feminists are ignored. In this workshop, we will explore the history, meaning and functioning of intersectionality. In doing so, we will transfer the concept to our respective practices: What can an intersectional stance mean here? Intersectionality-sensitized work always means dealing with social relations of power and domination and questioning and expanding one’s own perspective. The workshop is to be understood as a learning and unlearning space. Thus, the workshop participants need to be open to their own involvement in power relations and to reflect critically on their own attitudes.

Shivā Amiri: artist, theater maker, and curator. Shivā works artistically on the themes of genderfluid Muslim realities, flight as transgenerational trauma, and spirituality. Shivā is a certified empowerment and self-defense trainer and offers workshops, trainings, process support and intersectional organizational development.

Artist Talk with Magda Korsinsky & Mariama Diagne
27.11.2021 // 16:30 at alpha nova & galerie futura (2G + mask)

Mariama Diagne (Dr. phil.), is a dance scholar and trained dancer. In 2019, she published Schweres Schweben, which contrasts qualities of gravity in European art and science with Pina Bausch’s works in a critical reading. Her research explores the intertwining of theory and practice, casting poly-postcolonial perspectives on the canon and present of the performing arts and their social location. As a dramaturg, she mentors arts practitioners with postcolonial perspectives. She is chairwoman of the board of the Gesellschaft für Tanzforschung (gtf) and lives in Berlin. In 2021, she was awarded the Dance Science Prize NRW.


Screening & Talk with Mariama Sow and Guests (in German)
2.12.21 // 19:00 at alpha nova & galerie futura (2G + mask)

PROJEKTIONEN documents a dance performance and research work in which Black women examine their relationships to clothing and performatively rebel against stigmatizing foreign perceptions. Why do we choose to dress in certain ways and to what extent do racialized, sexist foreign perceptions influence these choices? What everyday (empowerment) strategies are developed with the help of clothing, among other things, to protect against and counteract stigmatization? These questions accompany the design process of the garments, which are developed in exchange and inspired by the individual experiences of the performers and staged through movement improvisations

Mariama Sow is a freelance artist and costume designer studying Critical Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Her work focuses on political aspects of clothing in the context of empowerment and representation. Most recently, she completed a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design with a research thesis on the relationship between Black bodies and clothing.


A movie by Mariama Sow in collaboration with Isabel Kwarteng-Acheampong, Luana Naquin, Virginnia Krämer, Jasmin Eding
Camera: Yergalem Taffere, Sound: Lea Malaika Som
PROJEKTIONEN is funded by Empower Activism of ISD-Bund e.V

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