Boris Azemar: ein Golem, ein Clown, ein Einsiedler

Boris Azemar



18.10.-27.10.2013 // 19:30


© alpha nova & galerie futura


ein Golem, ein Clown, ein Einsiedler
Performance by Boris Azemar

This performative-essay attempts to find new identifications for a being of male biological gender who has constitutive desires for pregnancy, seclusion, and continuously shifting conflict with social norms. a Golem, a Clown, a Recluse is a triad of self-therapeutic presentations to be selected from a list by a participating audience. Is there a fixed plot, a narrative thread for the whole show? No. The pieces are small stage entities brought together to make sense in their random juxtapositions. A List is proposed to the audience – the spectators choose the order of the pieces in a random way: how would one know beforehand the content of the mostly hermetic titles and numbers displayed on the List? Each piece has its own plot, its own theme. Inside every single one, the participation of the audience might also be needed, to make sense, to move forward. A sort of exploded democracy trying to cope with “Chance“, and to confront or play with the dictature of those who perform, those who wrote.

Duration: approx. 80 minutes


18.10.2013 // 19:30
19.10.2013 // 19:30
20.10.2013 // 17:00
24.10.2013 // 19:30
25.10.2013 // 19:30
26.10.2013 // 19:30
27.10.2013 // 17:00

Boris Azemar is a performer, technician and writer who focuses on intimacies of bodies and spaces, by means of softness, hermeneutics and DIY-therapy. Between Berlin and Paris, his work also spans a variety of stage and screen productions as an actor, producer or counselor. His engagement with gender studies has led to the development of two participatory shows in direct line with this new project: Does the Insurrection Come (2011) and The Daimonen (Art Hung, 2012).

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