Dorothea Nold: entwoder

Dorothea Nold


Dorothea Nold; Kontingenz, I; Collage; 2013


27.01.- 28.02.2013 //
Wed-Sat 16:00-19:00


26.01.2013 // 19:00


© alpha nova & galerie futura

If historiography didn’t always happen later, immanent moments like the approaching one would already be considered historical. How can one pull memories and judgements in directions that take space from the opponent? The opinion-forming power of interpretation may, as an exception, take over the present contemporaries. Not only because the wooden wall appears more unstable than other walls in this city. Not only do you have to do away with ways of thinking, you have to shift differences of opinion, bend borders, force a change of position and adjust boundaries — all of us have high expectations about this. The spring is ahead of us. Untreated wood rots more easily. But these apparati are also only models!


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