Feminist Night Scapes. Ein Manifest für die Nacht

Elke Krasny, Sophie Lingg, Claudia Lomoschitz

public space, events series


22.08.2020 // midnight-2:00
(in the night from 21.08. to 22.08.)

A Manifesto for the Night. Collective Nightwalk with Elke Krasny, Sophie Lingg, Claudia Lomoschitz

FLINT* groups parade through the night in a feminist city. They discover places, sing, perform scores, stroll, hang out on the corner, and support one another. The feminist city makes it possible for all bodies and genders to move freely. How can this be tested in the actual city? In which places in the city do you rarely move? Where have you always wanted to hang out? Where would you not go alone? Where do you feel comfortable and where would you like to hang out with others? Where can you sing out loud? We want to visit places in Berlin on a Nightwalk and record experiences and actions on a map of Berlin. Together we will write a collective manifesto for the night. FEMINIST NIGHT SCAPES takes place in appreciative memory of and in solidarity with all those who have been fighting for and with “Take back the Night” since 1975.

The starting point of the night walk is the Aral petrol station, Vor dem Schlesischen Tor, 10997 Berlin. The other locations will be decided by the participants during the walk.

Valid distance and hygiene measures will be guaranteed and adjusted at short notice in accordance with the applicable guidelines.

Cultural theorist, urban researcher, curator, professor at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. She wrote her doctoral thesis on questions of the historiography of feminist curatorship. She works with formats such as publications, exhibitions, walks, reading circles and workshops, and deals with critical feminist spatial production and perspectives of care in art, architecture, urbanism and memory work. In 2008 she published the book ‘Stadt und Frauen. A Different Topography of Vienna’. She is currently working with colleagues on the book ‘Radicalizing Care. Feminist and Queer Curatorial Acts’, which will be published by Sternberg Press in 2021.

lives and works in Vienna. As a freelance curator she initiates collaborative exhibition projects, develops and implements mediation formats and participates in collaborative artistic projects and exhibitions. She studied art mediation at the Institute for Artistic Teaching of Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, where she is currently teaching and writing her dissertation.

lives in Vienna, works, researches and teaches at the interface of knowledge production, performance and visual arts. She is an artist, performer and lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna at the Institute for Art and Education. She studied Performance Studies at the University of Hamburg and art education at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Her artistic practice focuses on the collective development of choreographic objects and scores.


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