“Half the World Belongs to Us!” – Feminist Placards

Kollektiv Migrantas, Kollektiv Nosotras Proponemos, Hersilia Alvarez, Julie August, Angiola Bonanni, Judith Brunner, Birgit Cauer, Katia Fouquet, Julija Goyd, Eliza Hatch, Anna Krenz/ Frauen*Streik Komitee Berlin, Verena Kyselka, Regina Pedersen, Franziska Schaum/ Künstlerinnengruppe Häppi Töle, Lena Szankay, Gisela Weimann, Sibylla Weisweiler


© Grafik: Julie August


8.3.-21.3.2019 //
Wed.-Sat. // 16:00–19:00


7.3.2019 // 19:00


Self-defense for women
13.3.2019 // 19:00-20:00

Closing Reception

21.3.2019 // 17:00-19:00


Images Opening
Images exhibition


© Katharina Koch // alpha nova & galerie futura




curated by Anke Therese Schulz, MA, PhD

For the first time in German history, the International Women’s Day on March 8, 2019 will be celebrated as a public holiday in Berlin! To mark the occasion of this historic day, the alpha nova & galerie futura invites you to attend the art exhibition: Half the World Belongs to Us!. Inspired by the eponymous film and organised by independent curator Anke Therese Schulz, the exhibition will feature new feminist political placards that engage with the ideals and goals of the global women’s movement, such as: gender equality, violence against women, reproductive rights, queer identities, refugee rights, labour rights, and social justice. This exhibition includes artists of the Frauenmuseum Berlin, the Berlin collective »Migrantas«, the Argentine collective »Nosotras Proponemos« and several Berlin-based and international artists.


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13.3.2019 // 19:00-20:00

Karate self-defense for women with Sibylla Weisweiler

please register: mail@sibylla-weisweiler.de

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