Annette Brauerhoch: Film as Experiment

Prof. Dr. Annette Brauerhoch

reading/lecture, presentation

Anja Czioska, One Pussy Show, BRD 1998 (Filmstill)

Film Presentation & Lecture & Talk

9.6.2016 // 20:00


Bilder Präsentation


Fotos: alpha nova & galerie futura

Film as Experiment. Experimental and avant garde film by women – Insights into a special collection

lecture, talk and film presentations by Prof. Dr. Annette Brauerhoch

The German Federal Archive for Experimental and Avant Garde Films by Women at the University of Paderborn is a small, special collection with films by women primarily from the 1980s: a time without mobile phones, private televisions, and personal computers. A high time of intensive filmic experiments. Students at film schools explored film language and female sexuality as well as the everyday and spaces of power. The archive shows female interventions in male spaces of vision and action and presents the confrontation with film aesthetics and history. The films await a reassessment. What aesthetic possibilities did they develop before any digital technology? Which role does analog filmic material play for the “experiments”? And why did experimental film in particular prove to be a self-empowering artistic medium for women? With regard to the context in which the event takes place — the “experienceable archive” of alpha nova & galerie futura – the potentials and limitations of an archive of this kind, its motive and future, will be discussed.

Kindly supported by LaborBerlin e.V.

Film program


Material and Aesthetics


Helga Fanderl, Kirchplatz, Blaues Haus, See, Gramercy Park, Méschoui, Heftige Quellen, BRD/D 1986-1992, 12‘

Laura Padgett, Fragment, BRD 1987, 3‘

Ute Aurand, Bärbel Freund, Tulipan, D 2002, 2‘

Karola Schlegelmilch, Vom Sterneschneutzen, D 1993, 12‘

Christine Noll Brinckmann, Polstermöbel im Grünen, BRD 1984, 7‘

Karola Schlegelmilch, Vom Sterneschneutzen, D 1993 (Filmstill)

Gender relations and History


Maria Lang, Familiengruft – ein Liebesgedicht an meine Mutter, BRD 1981/82, 12‘

Helke Sander, Subjektitüde, BRD 1966, 6‘

Anja Telscher, Wenn der Haarwuchs lästig wird, BRD 1987, 6‘

Pola Reuth, Kool Killer, BRD 1981, 5‘

Cathy Joritz, Negative Man, BRD 1985, 2’

Anja Czioska, One Pussy Show, BRD 1998, 6’

Pola Reuth, Kool Killer, BRD 1981 (Filmstill)


The event takes place in the frame of Welcome to Futuristan. The 30 year old archive of galerie futura.

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