I am (with) HER Kind: Feminisms in Collective Practice

CAO Collective, COVEN BERLIN, fem_arc, Feminist Photography Network, Miroir Project, moderated by Yang Li

symposium/round table

© Yang Li

Online Round Table
(in English)


06.05.2023 // CET 16:00-17:30

New York 10:00-11:30 / Toronto 10:00-11:30 / Beijing 22:00-23:30

zoom link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/86193704770
Meeting-ID: 861 9370 4770

Online Round Table


zoom link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/86193704770
Meeting-ID: 861 9370 4770



What does working collectively mean for feminist activists, artists, photographers, and architects when they come together in an alliance? Why is collaboration indispensable for comprehending and practicing feminist strategies in the midst of societal contexts in flux? Where are the boundaries between acting independently and collectively? What are the ongoing challenges faced by collectives in various creative areas? What roles do concepts such as “care” and “inclusion” play in their practices?
Taking inspiration from Anne Sexton’s poetic line “I have been her kind”, this online round-table seeks to explore the intrinsic connections among women from creative fields, regardless of nationality, background, or profession, and regardless of the type of feminisms they identify with. The goal is to discuss the multifaceted understandings of “being collective” as a feminist strategy, and to encourage cross-disciplinary exchange and international inspiration among five collectives and the wider community.


CAO Collective creates art as a form of organizing and (re)building a sustainable community. CAO’s practice is rooted in China, the Sinophone diaspora, and every life experience in between. CAO make art to organize and support social justice movements, collective healing and empowerment, and systemic change. CAO make space for political conversations and community-oriented art in solidarity with other marginalized communities.


COVEN BERLIN, based in Berlin, is a queer art collective focused on feminism, love, gender, and sexuality. Founded in 2013, it blossomed when some queers answered a Craigslist ad. Current member are Harley Aussoleil, Frances Breden, Lorena Juan, Judy Landkammer, Kiona Hagen Niehaus, and Louise Trueheart.


fem_arc is a collective of architects working on projects from an intersectional feminist angle. Since 2018, they have been critically examining power structures in space and the intersection of individual experiences of discrimination caused by gender, race, economic status, empowerment, queerness, or religion, among other factors. In formats such as workshops, a podcast series, participatory audio walks, film and multimedia installations, they propagate planning and artistic strategies that question norms and standards in architecture and contribute to the creation of non-discriminatory spaces.


Feminist Photography Network, founded in Canada and based in Tkaronto/Toronto, is co-directed by Jennifer Long and Clare Samuel. As a shifting collective, FPN uses grassroots strategies to support women’s engagement with, and interrogation of, photography. Working with Intersectional Feminist-minded artists and arts workers, FPN strives to expand resources and representation for primarily woman- identified lens-based creators. The collective emphasizes support rather than competition, demystifies professional art practices, and provides strategies for maintaining it. Through various programming and partnerships, FPN offers free professional development, networking, exposure, and exhibition opportunities. FPN contributes to the community at large through broadening the awareness of a diversity of lens-based practices, and furthering dialogues on the relationship between gender and photography.


Miroir Project, founded by Jialin Yan and Liangliang in 2020, provides an open and inclusive platform for emerging/young Chinese female photography exchange. The long-term project dedicates to exploring, developing, and promoting female photographers in China. Continuously Call for Submission has witnessed potential female photographers thriving, while Miroir Project strives to build up the community through exchange, publications, and both on- and off-line exhibitions.


The round-table is hosted by alpha nova & galerie futura, and moderated by Yang Li, who is the visiting researcher and curator funded by German Chancellor Fellowship 2022-2023 of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.


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