Is Paradise Cheaper?

Göksu Kunak, Korhan Erel


Lecture-Sound Performance

von Göksu Kunak & Korhan Erel
28.5.2015 // 19:00


Bilder Performance


Fotos: alpha nova & galerie futura


Lecture-Sound Performance

“Representing h-er/is essentiality; pretending to be a wo/man. What shall s/he do? There are certain circumstances allowing h-er/im to act in definite ways, beyond question… Alarms are ringing in the head, waking h-er/im up to act.”

Writer Göksu Kunak and computer musician, composer and sound designer Korhan Erel are two queer residents of the world. They have been problematizing certain ways of dealing with body, sex and gender in the society. Korhan and Göksu are imagining another approach towards body politics that is ornamented with glitters. Therefore, the two artists have turned the text ‚Is Paradise Cheaper? on movement into an audiovisual lecture-sound performance that questions straight/heteronormative time and behavioural patterns in relation to gender stereotypes.

Is Paradise Cheaper? is a narration with words and sound questioning the constant move or not being able to move at all; say, the expectations from us to act in certain ways to not to threaten the society.

Text, Performance: Göksu Kunak

Sound, Performance: Korhan Erel

Suggested donation: 3-7 Euro; in English language

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