Michaela Melián: Künstlerinnen International

Michaela Melián

symposium/round table

Michaela Melián, „Silvia Bovenschen und Sarah Schumann“, 2012, 3 channel video and audio installation (detail), 60 min VG Bildkunst

Video Installation & Talk

19.5.2016 // 19:00

video installation and talk with Michaela Melián

curated by Felicita Reuschling

The installation Silvia Bovenschen and Sara Schumann 2012 by Michaela Melián portrays both feminists in a look back at the collectively organized exhibition Künstlerinnen International 1977. The artist Melián formulates a form of feminist genealogy with her work that will be made visible as reference points in her own history. Starting with the artistic work, the importance of feminist genealogies and the social visibility/relevance of female artists today is thematized in conversation with Melián. In dialogue with the artist, the implications and aftermath of the exhibition Female Artists International will be discussed as an example to illuminate what feminist perspectives could make visible at that time and today.


The event takes place in the frame of Welcome to Futuristan. The 30 year old archive of galerie futura.

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