Maternal Fantasies: Collective Writing Session

Maternal Fantasies


Photo: Maternal Fanatsies


29.9.2018 // 16:00

During this collective writing session, Maternal Fantasies will explore constructions of motherhood, carework, identity, representation, and writing as a tool of connectivity.

As our starting point, we will read passages from “Anger and Tenderness” by second-wave feminist writer and poet Adrienne Rich as we reflect on personal experiences related to parenting or imaginations of parenting. Using found poetry and automatic writing techniques, we will transform our individual reflections into a collective text, which may be used in future works by Maternal Fantasies (with the permission of the participants). The workshop will be guided in English and German.
No writing experience required. All genders welcome. Non-parents and children are warmly invited.

MATERNAL FANTASIES is an evolving and interdisciplinary group of international artists and cultural producers based in Berlin, Germany. We (re)connected in 2018 to share experiences and insights into the most marginalised topic within both the art world and feminist discourse: Motherhood.
We join forces to embrace, discuss, elaborate and express contrasting experiences and family stories, memories, fantasies, desires and horror scenarios related to ‘Maternal Fantasies’.
Currently we meet every three weeks to examine through artistic research, collaborative artworks and lived experience the dynamics between artistic creation and motherhood seeking to shape the discourse of motherhood through our artistic working process.

The event takes place as part of the show Colleagues Wanted I – Superheroines and visionary associates for everyday challenges.

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