Maternal Fantasies

Magdalena Kallenberger

symposium/round table

photo: Magdalena Kallenberger

Round Table

with Magdalena Kallenberger and guests
4.2.2018 // 16:00-20:00

round table, talk, exchange

dear fellow art companions, art lovers, art producers and friends,

hereby we would like to invite you to an informal gathering on Sunday 4th of February from 4 – 8 pm with Quiche and (good) Wine and childcare (if requested)
to embrace, discuss, elaborate and exhale contrasting experiences and family stories, memories, fantasies, desires and horror scenarios related to Maternal Fantasies.

The meeting will be the first of it’s kind and intends to (re-)connect Berlin based (mother) artists and cultural ReProducers to share experiences and insights into the most marginalised topic within both the art wold and feminist discourse: Motherhood.
We specifically would like to invite as well non-mother-artists to join and share since the question of “visibility” of female artists as well as “procreation” and its consequences affects all of us in the middle of our careers either way.

It will include a short presentation of her previous work with CAIRO BATS, an all-female artist collective that she has co-founded and worked with since 2014.
The session will look into the art process of their long-term project Act 1: The Roof and questions how working as a female art collective within the public realm in Cairo brings forth themes of resistance. How do questions of organising enable us to conceptualise resistance as not only ‘standing in opposition to’, but also one of practice and future planning? How might such thinking help us reassess art’s relationship to notions of authorship, agency, power and the public? Is this collective art process transferable to Berlin and if, how?
Second, Magda would like to present extracts of her ongoing research on representations of the maternal in its social-historical as well as art historical and curatorial context from the 1960s onwards which is part of her practice-based PhD Project at Bauhaus University Weimar as a starting point for our discussion.

Let’s collectively investigate the maternal as an important political and affective force.
Let’s talk about reclaiming representation and taking space as (mother) artists and cultural ReProducers.
Let’s talk about how to develop new forms of artworks to speak about the unspoken and unspeakable
through a poetic research processes.

PS. The event is free of charge. Registration requested via email till 1st of February 2018 ( If you are interested in a spot at our experimental childcare unit, please drop an email with the age of your child/ren till 1st of February (

The event is hosted and organised by Magdalena Kallenberger.

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