Chryssa Tsampazi: “My, My, My. Why, Why, Why”.

Chryssa Tsampazi


© Chryssa Tsampazi Studio


with Chryssa Tsampazi

22.6. & 25.6.2022 // 18:00 (continuously until 19:00)

No registration needed
Free admission


Bilder Performance


Fotos: Guillermo Gudiño © Chryssa Tsampazi Studio

Performance by Chryssa Tsampazi
22.06.2022 // 18:00-19:00  &  25.06.2022 // 18:00-19:00

Starting point of the performance was the popular song Menussis, which all children in Greece learn and to which they dance at folk festivals. It talks about the man Menussis, who cries because he killed his wife in an alcoholic rush, saying that she had been talking to someone else. The name of the woman is unknown – only Menussis is named and regretted. The murderous content of the song is still today a completely unquestioned part of the cultural heritage of Greek children. In her research, Chryssa Tsampazi found many songs with similar content that are also popular in Germany.  an beyond. She finally developed the performance based on the song My Delilah by Tom Jones (1968). In the song, the singer stabs his wife Delilah to death because she had cheated on him with another man.

In the performance, a group of young people interprets the lyrics of the song, transforms them in part and opens up a new and freeing view of the narrative of the song, which is still relevant in this country and which testifies to heteronormative claims to power and ownership as well as subliminally misogynistic ideas.

The performance will take place continuously between 18:00 and 19:00.
Registration is not necessary. Admission is free of charge.

Chryssa Tsampazi’s artistic practice is based on the performance of language and supports the concept of intimacy with the audience. Here, the bodies of the artist and the participants are both subjects and mediating mechanisms of the works. She borrows terms and practices from theater and conceptual art to turn direction into a set of simple instructions. She invites people to follow these instructions and thus inevitably contribute to a final result. What interests her is the deviation that takes place in the course of each work and the collective aspect of the creative experience. Her works intend two things: to be an event in the real world and at the same time to create a new image of this world. Chryssa Tsampazi lives and works in Berlin.



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