Julia Nitschke: People Suck But It’s OK Because Cats

Julia Nitschke

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© Julia Nitschke

Online Lecture Performance

9.12.2021 // 19:00 (in English)

zoom-Link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/88573848477

[Digital] Feminist Present Futures

People Suck But It’s OK Because Cats – why it is pretty much obvious to live riot not diet
Online Lecture Performance by Julia Nitschke

There is one universal truth about the internet: it’s 80% porn and 15% cats. And then there are more direct connections between these two components.
Julia Nitschke, performance artist from Bochum, opens her archive of feline images in a lecture combining cultural studies and fluffy, affective everyday knowledge. Like this she delves deep into the popular image worlds of the internet. This time with a special edition: Riot not Diet. It’s about solidarity, resistance and love, served up as political candy delivered directly from the internet.

You are warmly invited to bring your own favorite cat gif from the internet.

Julia Nitschke is a performance and mixed media artist. She is part of stonekollektiv and is constantly working on their performance serie “Labern übers eigenen Land”. As part of Ruhr Dings 2019 and Memory Stations at ADKDW, she conceived the exhibition Emanzenexpress_Gemeinsam sind wir gemeiner, about feminist struggles and resistance in Bochum, together with Eva Busch. Most recently, her works deal with her polishgerman family heritage.

This event is part of our ongoing series [Digital] Feminist Present Futures.


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