>>sweating together<<

Ambrita Sunshine, Mad Kate


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with Ambrita Sunshine and Mad Kate
6.9. & 7.9.2023 // 19:00

>>sweating together<<
Performance with Ambrita Sunshine and Mad Kate


6. & 7.9.2023 // 19:00
Donation recommendation: 10 Euro


>>sweating together<< is a deep listening experience, duet and discussion-performance that explores the affective and emotional experience of performing work—where work is the labor of care, the labor of survival and the labor of creativity.


Ambrita Sunshine and Mad Kate present a movement dialogue embodying their own somatic discomfort in work and in relation to work. Utilising and celebrating the release of Mad Kate’s EP “SWEAT Kumasi,” a sound work composed from interviews and atmospheres about the topic of labour, they invite the audience not only to witness, but to dialogue as co-conspirators and empaths who may relate as oppositional, as the same, or as something inbetween.


As (always already) racialized, classed and sexualized bodies, we do not sweat alone, we sweat with each other, we sweat beside and in relation to each other. We sweat because it is uncomfortable what can be found there. We sweat together because we work (on being together). We sweat together because the dialogue is difficult. We sweat.


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