Erik Dettwiler: T.W.B.T.C.

Erik Dettwiler



28.04.– 06.06.2012 //
Wed-Sat 16:00-19:00


27.04.2012 // 19:30


Bilder der Ausstellung
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To Whom Belongs The City

16-Channel-Video Installation, 480 minutes (total), 2011

T.W.B.T.C. consolidates 25 Video interviews with women from the cities of Rome, Bucharest, Berlin and Basel, Geneva, Lausanne, and Zürich. They each select a particular place in their city As a meeting point, the description and significance of which provides the starting point for the interviews. Their personal reflections offer a multi-faceted glimpse of each city. How do these metropolises differentiate themselves in a Europe of “common” borders? Which points of contact can be observed? Cities are always inhabited by very heterogenous groups of people who, in turn, help shape the urban spaces. The city can therefore be understood as the actual place where democracy can arise in the first place. But how much of the women’s decision making power is architecturally and politically visible? T.W.B.T.C. inquires what the meaning of feminist practices and other forms of solidarity are today that, for example, challenge and deconstruct cultural boundaries in order to place pressure upon conventional images of the city and conceptions of civil society – and continually question them.


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