Verena Kyselka: territories. beyond desire

Verena Kyselka


Verena Kyselka, 2013.


30.11.- 19.12.2013 //
Wed-Sat 16:00-19:00


29.11.2013 // 19:00
Music by Hangduo (Afonso Ribeiro and Wolfgang Ohmer), Klanglandschaften


© alpha nova & galerie futura

Photography – Collage – Video – Installation

Being at other places. What catches the eye? What remains unseen? The artist Verena Kyselka has experiences of being the object of scrutiny: As part of a feminist performance group in the GDR she was subjected to the surveilliance by the Stasi. Today the artist visits different societies, countries and places, mostly those where the aftermath of dictatorship and colonialism is still present. She inquires about the aftereffects of those regimes. Her search is motivated by her own experiences of repression as well as by her desire for alternative spaces. However, whatever she finds is always beyond desire, is always different to what she expected, while at the same time modified by the questions she asks. Thus she becomes a co-producer of those found and sometimes fictional territories.


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