Sharon Dodua Otoo: the things i am thinking while smiling politely

Sharon Dodua Otoo


Cover: the things i am thinking while smiling politely


by Sharon Dodua Otoo
26.3.2015 // 19:00


the things i am thinking while smiling politely is the story of the decline and break-up of a marriage as well as the consequences for close family and friends. Ama loses her sista, Kareem learns to mistrust a good friend, the siblings Ash and Beth have to fight for their mother’s affection, Till and his wife drift away from each other… Sensitively, honestly and with a special sense of humour, the woman with all these roles describes how she rediscovers herself – and not only in the positive sense.
Following years of activist work in the Black German community, Sharon Dodua Otoo continues to pursue empowerment as a theme, this time in the field of literature. Sharon weaves her observations on everyday racism and privilege into the story of a Black British woman whose marriage breaks down.

Sharon Dodua Otoo
the things i am thinking while smiling politely
Novelle in englischer Sprache
Tachenbuch, farb., 104 Seiten, 12.80 Euro
ISBN 978-3-942885-22-5
Februar 2012 in der edition assemblage

The reading will happen in English with German subtitles.

Sharon is a Black British mother, activist, author and editor of the English language book series Witnessed. Her most recent publication is the German language novella Synchronicity (edition assemblage, 2014) which will appear in English at the end of 2015. Sharon’s first novella the things i am thinking while smiling politely was published in English in 2012 and appeared in German as die dinge, die ich denke, während ich höflich lächele in 2013 (both also in edition assemblage). Sharon is an active member of the “Initiative Black People in Germany”. She lives, laughs and works in Berlin.

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