TORSO – visuelle kunst, sound, performance

Dusan Pejcic, Daniela Gast, Alessia D’Artino, Magda Bondos & Verónica Mota, Mariae Nascenti, Jon Evans

exhibition, performance


22.04.2012 // 20:00-23:45



Fotos Torso


Fotos: alpha nova & galerie futura

TORSO – visuelle kunst, sound, performance

curated by Véronica Mota

TORSO is a collective exhibition based on a poem of the same title written by Alessia D’Artino. All artists involved in this project research the meaning of fragmentation, mutilation, pain & melancholy as a subjective journey expressed through different creative disciplines such as visual art, sound and performance.

Dusan Pejcic – Video Installation
Daniela Gast – A BodyStory/Video Performance “Register”
Alessia D’Artino – Sonic Journey with Objects
Magda Bondos & Verónica Mota – Audio/Video Live Performance
Mariae Nascenti – Live Concert and Visuals
Jon Evans – Performance Art


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