Artist Talk: Sharon Paz & Elianna Renner

Sharon Paz, Elianna Renner

Artist Talk

© Sharon Paz, Elianna Renner, Fragmented Narratives, 2020. Grafik: Stefanie Rau

Artist Talk (in English)

6.11.2020 // 19:00

Link to the video recording of the artist talk


Artist Talk as part of the exhibition Fragmented Narratives with Sharon Paz and Elianna Renner

The artist talk with Sharon Paz and Elianna Renner focuses both of their artistic research processes and practices. History and historical narratives and their omissions unite the practice of Paz and Renner. But where are the differences in their partly biographical approaches to both Jewish history and anti-Semitism and racism? What role can art play in questioning hegemonic historiography and revealing gaps in historical narratives?

moderation: Alison Hugill (writer, curator, Editor-in-Chief Berlin Art Link)

Sharon Paz (*1969, Ramat Gan, Israel) lives and works in Berlin. She received a MFA from Hunter College, NYC. Paz exhibited extensively in Weserburg Museum for Modern Art, Bremen, Germany, Smack Mellon in NYC, the Herzlyia Museum of Art and Petach-Tikva museum of Art in Israel. In the past her work was supported by the Senate of Cultural Affairs and Hauptstadtkulturfonds, Berlin, The Fund for Video Art and Experimental Cinema, CCA Tel- Aviv, Goethe Institute. Her video works are part of the collection of Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Video-Forum Collection, Berlin and The Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Her work has been screened in numerous festivals and galleries such as Thomas Erben Gallery and Art in General in New York City; Transmediale 11 in Berlin.

Visual artist Elianna Renner, born in Switzerland in 1977 and living in Germany, works at the interface of biography and history. In her works she questions historical narratives and their omissions – always with the aim of visualizing the power relations behind the forgotten or concealed. A focal point of Renner’s artistic practice is (auto)biographical work. Her focus is always on stories of women, often those that do not appear in official historiography at all or only marginally. Renner creates an aesthetic-visual approach to the examination of (oral) history. Her aim is to make the story(s) perceivable as constructions that are presented in a new way depending on the narrator. Scientists are constantly confronted with the question of how they can deal with the never-ending demand for truth in history. Renner seeks to expose this claim to truth as illusory. In her works she imagines, reassembles, links fiction with the “real” and uses a variety of artistic media such as film, photography, audio, text, sketches and installation. With her works she reminds us that not only personal memory processes are inevitably incomplete, but that cultural memory and official historiography also produce (in)avoidable gaps that refer to the construction of history(ies) in general.

Alison Hugill is a writer, editor and independent curator based in Berlin. She holds degrees in Philosophy (BA, King’s College, Canada, 2009) and Contemporary Art Theory ( MA, Goldsmiths College, University of London, 2012). Her research focuses on contemporary art, architecture, participatory design and aesthetic theories of community. Alison is Editor-in-Chief of Berlin Art Link magazine and a contributor to Artforum, Momus, Archinect, Artsy, AQNB, Digital Icons, and ArtMargins, among many other publications.

Link to the video recording of the artist talk


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