Fragmented Narratives

With contributions by Alison Hugill, Katharina Koch, Michal B. Ron, Sylvia Sadzinski. Edited by Katharina Koch and Sylvia Sadzinski.


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Launch mid-December 2020

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The publication accompanying the exhibition Fragmented Narratives by Sharon Paz and Elianna Renner, which was on view at alpha nova & galerie futura from Septembr 26 to November 6, 2020, is a documentation as well as an extension and localization of the exhibition.

Against the backdrop of strengthening right-wing currents, conspiracy myths that were once again fueled by the Corona pandemic, and the experience of so-called ‘post-truth’ politics, the work negotiates truths that have become fragile and the possibilities of artistic practice to fill historical voids. With contributions by Alison Hugill, Katharina Koch, Michal B. Ron, and Sylvia Sadzinski, and a photo documentation by Ceren Saner.

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Sharon Paz & Elianna Renner
Fragmented Narratives


Fragmented Narratives features two newly developed works by Sharon Paz and Elianna Renner that include audio and (interactive) video installations and material presentations based on an artistic research processes. In their works, both artists deal with history and historical narratives and their omissions. The partly biographical approaches focus on Jewish history and anti-Semitism and racism, as well as on the construction of history(s) and remembering in general.

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