Precarious Art: Artificial Boundaries

Rajkamal Kahlon, Helen Cammock, Stacie CC Graham, E. Okobi

exhibition, workshop


13.10.–18.11.2017 //
Wed-Sat // 16:00–19:00

Opening & Artist Talk

12.10.2019 // 19:00
Performance Helen Cammock
20:00, Artist Talk.
Moderation: Stacie CC Graham


14.10.2017 //

Writing Workshop with Stacie CC Graham: 10:30-13:30
Theatre Workshop with E. Okobi: 12:30-16:30


Images Opening & Exhibition
Photos: alpha nova & galerie futura


media partner

Precarious Art: Artificial Boundaries is curated by Dr. Stacie CC Graham,
Dr. Katharina Koch and Dr. Marie-Anne Kohl

Exhibition @ alpha nova & galerie futura: 13.10.-18.11.2017, Wed.-Sat., 16:00-19:00

Exhibition in London: 8.12.-17.12.2017 @ 198 Contemporary Arts & Learning

The project confronts the possibilities, realities and strategies toward realising long-term change in the struggle of daily and structural racist and sexist conditions, its historiographical equivalent – in general – as well as within the art establishments. Within this context a central question must be attended to: Who is telling whose story? It is necessary to show how hegemonic historiography and representations are constructed and which role, in particular race and gender, play for visibility. What could self-empowering practices look like in order to reject discriminatory provisions, to fill gaps in history, to strengthen and normalize other narratives without removing them from their political significance?
The project aims to generate and disseminate knowledge in such a way that members of the underserved and underrepresented communities are not put in a position of educating those from socio-politically privileged points of departure. The artists present their work and themselves as a part of the ‘norm’ and simultaneously as specific political subjects.

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