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Karina Griffith

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©bpk/Abisag Tüllmann Kathleen Cleaver Januar 1970, Dreh "Kathleen und Eldridge Cleaver in Algier" von Claudia von Alemann

Film Presentation & Talk

22.11.2018 // 19:00


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Photos: Kim Bode, Katharina Koch

Films and conversation with Karina Griffith (Artist, Curator, Academic and Filmmaker)
The filmmaker Claudia von Alemann will also be present for the talk.

In her book Ugly Feelings, Sianne Ngai introduces irritation as an affect of restrained rage. This film program explores how profound irritation, stripped of its ambiguity, was an agent for political change in the film works made in and around 1968 and thereafter. The anchor of this program is the film KATHLEEN UND ELDRIDGE CLEAVER IN ALGIER. Here the two activists develop their ideas about resistance at the Black Panther Party office they formed while in exile in Algiers. Filmed by feminist filmmaker Claudia von Alemann in January 1970, the Cleavers speak through clenched teeth about their political fight, linking it to West German policies. Irritation subverts the stereotypes of the “angry black woman” or the “hysterical housewife” to present a more palatable position of prolonged annoyance. Employed in moving image works, the feminist approach of translating anger into irritation is an effective and affective strategy for provoking friction, discourse and an engagement with revolutionary demands.

film program:

[© HFF, Regie: Christa Mühl, 1971, 10 min]

[© Alemann Filmproduktion Köln, Regie: Claudia von Alemann,1969, 22 mins]

[© DFFB, Regie: Tsitsi Dangarembga, 1994, 14 min]

© DFFB/Okpako, Regie: Branwen Okpako, 1995, 10 min]

The event is part of the series Revolt She Said – decolonial and feminists perspectives on 68, curated by Andrea Caroline Keppler (District Berlin), Dr. Katharina Koch and Dorothea Nold (alpha nova & galerie futura) in conversation with Karina Griffith (District Atelierstipendiatin 2018 und Recherchestipendiatin Decolonizing 68) and Sharon Adler, Prof. Liz Bachhuber, Madeleine Bernstorff, Nathalie Anguezomo Mba Bikoro, Dr. Lisa Glauer, Dr. Natasha A. Kelly, Prof. Azade Köker, Martina Kofer, Dr. Corina S. Kwami, Pınar Öğrenci, Dr. Peggy Piesche, Elianna Renner, Robert Schmidt-Matt, Dr. Gabriele Schor, Valeria Schulte-Fischedick, Kelvin Sholar, Elżbieta Sternlicht, Merle Stöver und PD Dr. Anja Zimmermann.
Revolt She Said is a cooperation between alpha nova & galerie futura and District Berlin. Kindly supported by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa.
Media partner: AVIVA-Berlin

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