Von Rosen, Nelken, Netzen

Birgit Cauer, Cristian Forte, Lydia Hamann / Kaj Osteroth, Sandra Haselsteiner, Katja von Helldorf, Bettina Hohorst / Tina Kiel / Mayan Printz, Roland Ibold, Sara Ka Ka, Annette Knol, Monika Ortmann



09.3.- 20.4.2012 //
Wed-Sat 16:00-19:00


08.3.2012 // 19:30
with a performance by Sara Ka Ka, music by DJ_anes turbo diesel & egotrya


Bilder Eröffnung und Ausstellung


© Marie du Vinage // alpha nova & galerie futura

Artistic Statements on International Women’s Day

Installation – Poetic Objects – Drawings – Video – Photography – Sounds

Roses not only symbolize love, but are also a symbol for the struggle of striking textile workers at the beginning of the 20th century, who mark the beginning of the women’s movement. Carnations became the symbol of the “solved women’s question” in the GDR. Networks can be forward-looking in order to articulate common demands out of the particularities of different ways of life, and to pool emancipatory power against relations of inequality and for a self-determined life for all. These are only a few facets of thinking about International Women‘s Day, which also raises the question: who is actually the subject of March 8? The exhibition joins the discussion about the day’s reappropriation and inquires into the potential of art. In installations, objects, drawings, photos, video, and in interviews, the artists deal with the meaning of International Women’s Day today in critical, ironic, sensual, playful, and militant ways


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