Shivā Amiri: Was bedeutet es, intersektionell zu denken?

Shivā Amiri


Shivā Amiri

Online Workshop
with Shivā Amiri

23.11.2021 // 18:30-21:00 (online)
in German

Registration (only for FLINTA*) until 20.11.21:

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Workshop with Shivā Amiri

Registration (only for FLINTA*) until 20.11.2021:
Please add a sentence explaning your self-positioning.

Intersectionality as a concept now seems to have arrived in the German cultural and arts sector, but the structures remain unchanged. However, the term is often depoliticized and the struggles of Black feminists are ignored. In this workshop, we will explore the history, meaning and functioning of intersectionality. In doing so, we will transfer the concept to our respective practices: What can an intersectional stance mean here? Intersectionality-sensitized work always means dealing with social relations of power and domination and questioning and expanding one’s own perspective. The workshop is to be understood as a learning and unlearning space. Thus, the workshop participants need to be open to their own involvement in power relations and to reflect critically on their own attitudes.

The workshop takes place in the framework of the solo exhibition AUFBEGEHREN by Magda Korsinsky, on view at alpha nova & galerie futura: 20.11.2021-14.01.2022.

Shivā Amiri: artist, theater maker, and curator. Shivā works artistically on the themes of genderfluid Muslim realities, flight as transgenerational trauma, and spirituality. Shivā is a certified empowerment and self-defense trainer and offers workshops, trainings, process support and intersectional organizational development.

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