Moran Sanderovich: WOUNDERLAND

Moran Sanderovich


Foto: Dadi Elias


6.12.2015-30.1.2016 // Wed.-Sat. 16:00-19:00


5.12.2015 // 19:00

The Body of Trauma

30.1.2016 // 18:00
Screenings, Performances, Artist Talk with Sanija Kulenovic, Adi Liraz, Moran Sanderovich, Nathalie Anguezomo Mba Bikoro, Nine Yamamoto-Masson and Armeghan Taheri


Bilder Eröffnung

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Bilder Ausstellung



curated by Adi Liraz

In Wounderland, Moran Sandervich’s sculptures expose how sexual trauma leads to the emergence of a new reconfiguration of emotional, psychological, physiological and physical existence. The artist displays the strange transformations from wounds to wonders through sculptures that embody fantastic beasts, mutations of bodies. Her sculptures gained enhanced abilities through their trauma, a new (dis)abled body floating between life and death and inheriting super powers as a result of empowerment. They are trapped in the spiral of reliving trauma that has not been overcome. In her work, the artist connects to our animal instincts as the sculptures represent bodies that are frozen as the predator is threatening their lives. The Exhibition will be accompanied by poems by Alma Lily Rayner.

Moran Sanderovich is a visual and performance artist based in Berlin. Sanderovich was born 1980 in Israel and studied at the School of Visual Theatre in Jerusalem. She has exhibited and performed in various international locations such as the GRIMMWELT Museum in Kassel, Gihoitegaard Gallery in Copenhagen, Human Nature Fist Festival in Belgrade, Month of Performance Art in Berlin, 100 Grad Festival at Sophiensaele in Berlin, and the “Warp & Woof” exhibition at District in Berlin. She has received the Jerusalem Mayor’s Award for Excellence and Artistic Achievement (2008) and a Scholarship from the America- Israel Foundation (2006). Sanderovich’s work includes performances, videos, sculptures and drawings. She creates modern mythological alternative bodies to seek new ways to visualize the human body and challenge the way it is perceived.  In her works she treats the skin no longer as a boundary and uses self-created prostheses to extend or shorten the body. The new body blurs borders between repulsive and attractive, threatening and vulnerable. Deprived from “normal” function and meaning, Sanderovich’s search for new abilities and movements opens up new perspectives and examines what is perceived as human and what is the “normal” function and meaning thereof?

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The event The Body of Trauma takes place in the frame of the exhibition.

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